Smart toilet hung into the wall type small space integrated automatic electric flush wall toilet MB2020
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SIZE: 610*405*460mm

Features: It uses 220V50HZ AC voltage, the seat ring is heated in 4 steps, and you don't need to freeze the ass in the toilet in winter. It has a dual-channel independent cleaning system, which can wash the arms and is also an antibacterial bidet for women. Infrared induction flip cover, automatic flushing after use, no need to touch. Photocatalyst deodorization technology keeps the air fresh and comfortable.

Item: MB2020:Smart toilet hung into the wall type small space integrated automatic electric flush wall toilet
Process Type: High-pressure grouting, one-piece molding
Material: Ceramic
Tolerance: -10~+10mm as per requirement
Surface treatment: Three layers glaze, high temperature kiln firing porcelain
Facility: Production building with a total area of ​​55,000 square meters Advanced high-pressure mold production line Advanced 100-meter computer tunnel kiln

Serious and responsible professional repair and quality inspection team

Certificates: SO9001:2008

National secondary water saving certification

Shipping: EX works FOB CIF 5-30DAYS
Delivery & Service: Product warranty 5 years

Applications:Suitable to bathroom

Product advantages:

1.Three servo driving, motion control system CPU
2. Double film roll, Dual roll film splice function, reduce film exchange time
3.Man-machine interface and parameter setting and convenient and quick
4.Easy to adjust the packing speed and bag length
6. With high-precision and high-sensitive electric eye tracking system, accurately control product position.
7.Independent sealing temperature control system
8.Suitable for many kinds of packaging materials, beautiful and tight sealing
9.Anti-cutting material, Standby function without product.
10.Fault self-diagnosis & eliminate function
11.Optional devices: printer, nitrogen charging device and alcohol spraying device


Project cases :

Grohe Euro Wall Hung Toilet, Rak Back To Wall Toilet, Grohe Euro Rimless Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat, Grohe Euro Ceramic Wall Hung Toilet, Smart toilet hung into the wall type small space integrated automatic electric flush wall toilet MB2020

Make Your Bathroom Cleaner With This Powerful And Easy-To-Clean Device

The Grohe Euro Wall Hung Toilet incorporates rimless technology, giving bacteria no chance to flourish.

At the same time, the Triple Vortex flush uses three water outlets to create a super powerful flush that is also silent and splash-free while cleaning every corner of the bowl.

Grohe Euro-Wall Hung Toilet – practical features and a modern silhouette to fit your lifestyle perfectly. Ideal for combining with the Grohe Euro-Wall Hung Toilet and Rak Back To Wall Toilet seat with Soft Close feature.

So, why to look further? Contact us to buy Grohe Euro Wall Hung Toilet online.

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