Ceramic toilet

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Ceramic toilets have many benefits. 1. Ceramic toilet bowl surface with beautiful, smooth appearance. 2.strong texture, high resistance to pressure, can withstand long periods of human sitting on it. 3. High-density sub-ceramic, low absorption, the glaze surface can play an important waterproof anti-bacteria function. 4. While not very easy to hang dirt, they are easy to clean. 5. Wc ceramic is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. There are three reasons to use ceramica toilets First, the design of the toilet itself is very complicated. The tank, valve, overflow pipe, waste pipe - all these components are extremely fine and have many complicated engineering applications. Ceramica toilet bowls, like glass, are made from clay and water. The manufacturing process, which includes blank manufacturing and blank forming, is relatively straightforward and affordable. Second, porcelain that is strong and durable is extremely hard. This may not be the case if you're a normal, thin person. For someone who is overweight and has difficulty landing on the toilet every time, it's worth considering the strength of the toilet. Third, porcelain is waterproof. Glazing is the key to waterproof porcelain. Glazing is easy to clean and has strict control over every step of production.
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